10 Tips to Help with Your Mid-Year Resolution Checkup-Part 2

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In the second part of my post 10 Tips to Help with Your Mid-Year Resolution Checkup I give you 5 more tips to get back on track so that 2015 can be the year that you finally make this year the last time that you make those same resolutions to get healthy and lose weight! If you missed the first part you can go here to read it first:http://getfitnowwithcheryl.com/fitness-journey/10-tips-to-help-with-your-mid-year-resolution-checkup/

6. MAKE A GAME OF IT: Don’t you do better if it’s a competition? Even if it’s just with the person on the next treadmill. I know I do. Put that competitive spirit into a Facebook Challenge Group. I have private ones running all the time. While you can make side wagers with your friends, these groups are “secret” so no one else on Facebook can see what you’re doing and it keeps you motivated.

7. KEEP RECORDS: Track your workouts and you’ll workout more. We all have a tendency to think we’re not making enough progress but when you see the actual numbers it can be encouraging. And, when you know you have to log it in, you tend to figure you’ll at least squeeze in a half workout rather than have a great big zero on that date. There are a lot of apps you can use or just go old school and write it on a calendar.

8. TALK TO YOURSELF: Being hard on yourself for giving up in the past on your fitness goals or not doing as well as you’d like in a workout doesn’t help you at all. If someone else came to you with the same feelings about themselves, you’d tell them that they were being too hard on themselves and that you know they can do it! Talk to yourself that way! People who do are the ones with the workout resolve and are positive, proud and encouraging!

9. FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT: Research says that confidence may be the biggest predicator of exercise success. You have to believe that you can do it and vizualize yourself doing it down to what you are wearing and how you feel when you are finished and then you will finish!

10. CELEBRATE EVERY WIN: Even the smallest of wins! The fitness New Year’s Resolutions road is paved with the best intentions. Everyone starts off believing that this year will be different and then you fall apart. Life happens. Work happens. Family happens. You focus on what you failed to do which leads to feeling defeated and eventually giving up. You need to focus on what you did accomplish each day – even if it’s just 10 minutes of exercise or stretching before bed. Make every day feel like a win!!

See if these 10 tips can get you back on track with those New Years goals and resolutions. Or maybe, you start all over with new ones now at the mid-year point. Which ever you chose, don’t give up. This can still be your year! AND, if you want easy ways to sneak some positive healthy habits into you day, check out my last blogs post here: http://getfitnowwithcheryl.com/uncategorized/3-easy-ways-to-sneak-some-positive-healthy-habits-into-your-day/. I want to help you and motivate you. If you have any other suggestions or questions that you want to ask please comment below and subscribe to my posts. AND, REMEMBER, you’ve got this!!

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