Seven Steps to Mindful Eating

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Are you stuck in your weight loss journey? Do you sit down to eat thinking, “Okay, I’m going to cut down at this meal,” and then of a sudden you look down at your plate and you’ve cleaned it again? Well, tonight I want to talk about seven steps to mindful eating so be sure and stay tuned to the end so you can get all seven steps. I’m Cheryl Osler of and also I’m a certified personal trainer, a certified boxing fitness trainer and I’ve done exactly all that at times myself. I mean it’s so easy to sit down and just start eating.

So tonight I want to share with you my seven steps to eat mindfully that you can do at the start of every meal that I recently found from Judson Brewer. They’re so helpful. So, let’s start off.

Step One. Always and I mean ALWAYS bring your food to the table. Standing at the counter, eating at the sink is a recipe for disaster as is eating while you’re driving or on the run. While you’re driving or doing anything else, before you know it, you’ve eaten everything. You’re not paying attention, you’re watching the road hopefully, and besides being dangerous eating while you’re driving … I just had to finish a traffic school so that was one of the questions … it is terrible for your diet. I mean, you don’t realize how fast you’re eating and how much you’re eating.

Second, Step Two. Get rid of all your distractions. Like step one, driving and eating or working at your desk or doing something else while you’re eating: watching TV, watching a movie … You’re not going to be paying attention to what you’re eating. You’re just going to be shoveling it down and before you know it, it’s gone.

So that’s my first two. What do you think so far? Anybody have any comments? I’d love to hear. You can comment below and … or maybe you know somebody who would like this too, and I’d love for you to just share it with them. Or if you’re not comfortable sharing it on your page, you can just comment with their name and that will tag them and they’ll get this video too.

Step Three. Take three attentive deep breaths before you start. That’s right, three deep breaths. Sounds funny, but not only will it slow you down but it will also focus you on how you feel and how hungry you really are and what you’re about to eat and do. It will make you think more about what you’re eating. You’ll enjoy it more. So just take three big, attentive deep breaths so you can feel and be in the moment. Just take your time and do it. And that’s in through your nose and out through your mouth, so … If you can hold it for a count of two before you release it, that’s good too. Just anything to kind of get you centered and thinking about the meal experience.

Step Four. Ask yourself before you eat how hungry you really are on a scale of one to ten. You know, a lot of times, we think we’re famished and then when you really think about it, are you really at a ten where you’re starving or are you maybe a five? Maybe you just want to eat. Maybe it’s a noon and you just feel like, “Okay, it’s meal time. I should eat.” I know that happens to me a lot. “It’s dinner time so I should eat. It’s lunch time so I should eat.” When I’m really not that hungry. So that’s number four. Also, by doing that, if you fill your plate based on the number you really feel, then you don’t take more than you should. And you don’t want to take more thinking, “Well, I won’t eat it all.” Because chances are you will. If it’s on your plate, you will. So you’re better off just thinking about how hungry you really are and only take what you need.

You agree so far? Comment below and let me know.

Now, Step Five. Observe the food. Okay, that may sound silly, sound a little New Age-y, but look at the texture and the color and the smell. Smell the aroma. Really pay attention to it before you eat. Does it smell appealing? Do the colors make you want to eat it? How about the texture? Some foods have textures that some people don’t like. I personally can’t eat cottage cheese because of the texture. Other people love it. I just can’t get past that.

Number Six. Step Six. Take one, just one, mindful bite and make a note about the taste and smell, a mental note. Does it taste as good as it looked and smelled? Is it really enjoyable to you? Does the smell make you want more? Does the taste make you want more? Or is it just “eh,” not worth the calories. Maybe what you thought you were going to really indulge in, isn’t that great. So take that one bite, relish it, really think about it and see. Is it really that good? Do you want to eat a lot of that food? Think about it.

Make sense? Anybody have any comments? I’d love to hear.

And last but not least, Step Seven. Enjoy your meal and eat slowly. That’s right, try to consciously … and I know we’ve all heard this before and it’s easier said than done … but try to consciously put your fork down in between bites. That’s right, set it down on your plate and just relax a second while you chew it and swallow. I know it’s awkward at first, but if you get used to it and you’re more conscious that way and you’re not just shoveling it in as fast as you can. You’ll enjoy the food more, you’ll eat less, and you’ll actually give your body time to recognize it’s full. I mean your body gets full and it has to convey that to your mind. So it will give you time to do that, okay?

What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions? Anybody have a number eight? I’d love to hear it. So if you like these tips and want more from me, you can get my free report: “9 Easy Ways to Change Your Daily Routine and Look Better” at my website and you could also follow me on Facebook. For those who didn’t catch this live, it will be on my page soon and you can catch it there and I’ll be monitoring the shares and the comments. So if any of you shared it, you’ll get a personal thank you from me, because I do appreciate that and if you have something to add, let me know. I’ll read all the comments and I’ll get back to you with them. So those are my seven mindful steps to eat mindfully.

Let’s recap real quick.

Always take your food to the table.

Get rid of all your distractions.

Take three big attentive deep breaths before you start. I know that sounds silly, but please try it, it works.

Number four, ask yourself how hungry you really are on a scale of one to ten.

Step five, observe the food. Look at it, smell it, take a minute before you start shoveling it in.

Step six take one, just one, mindful bite and make a mental note about it.

Lastly, step seven, enjoy your meal and eat slowly. Put the fork down in between bites. Now that’s a real tough one for me but I’m working on it still. So that’s it. What do you think? I’d love to hear from you. I hope you enjoyed this tonight and I’ll talk to you soon. Again, I’m Cheryl with or

Thanks everybody.


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