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Read on to see how I can help you stay fit, healthy and sane while taking care of one or both of your aging parents.

What I Blog About

I help overwhelmed adults taking care of their aging parents find the time and ways to take care of themselves so that they can handle all the stress they are dealing with in their daily lives. I teach them that if they take care of themselves, they will be better able to take care of others.

Below are some of the topics I blog about:

Time Management

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Why I Blog

Being the primary caregiver for my mother, even though she doesn’t think she needs one, is a 24/7 occupation of it’s own but it’s one that we as children who love our parents willingly take on without forethought of the consequences to our own health and wellness. My hope is that by sharing my experiences on this journey, I can help others learn to take care of themselves too.

About Me

I am an International Sports Science Association (ISSA) Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Boxing Fitness Trainer and Beachbody Coach, all while working a full time job and taking care of my 82 year old mother who lives with me.

I’m 62 years old and have had severe Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) since I was a child. In 2013 I tore the meniscus in my right knee and after arthroscopic surgery I was told that the meniscus could not be saved and I would need a total knee replacement soon. In April 2014, I had a total right knee replacement and have since had to learn to modify all my exercise programs since any running or jumping moves are prohibited with a knee replacement joint.

I have found that besides helping my RLS, working out helps me deal with the daily small and large stresses of dealing with the needs of my mother. I have learned, like the flight attendants tell you, “you have to put on your own oxygen mask first so that you can help others with theirs.”


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