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Welcome to Get Fit Now With Cheryl which is a website devoted to helping women over 40 get healthy and fit.

What I Blog About

Here are just some of the topics I blog about:

  • Exercise

  • Time Managemen

  • Diet

  • Nutrition

  • Motivation

The Journey

A lot of women over 40 are spending all of their time taking care of their families instead of themselves and in doing so have let their health and fitness lag far behind or maybe let it go completely.  Then one day you wake up and feel fat; you’re overweight; your clothes are too tight or worse yet, don’t fit at all and you don’t have the energy to worry about it anymore. The worse that you feel, the more you eat and less you even consider exercising and it becomes a vicious circle that you feel you can’t get out of.  I know that feeling well because I’ve been there and felt it too but I’ve also been able to claw my way out of that hamster wheel.

About Me

Since my teenage years I’ve been overweight, not obese but a little overweight and I was never able to lose it.  For years, I tried every diet and diet program there is or was out there and I might lose a few pounds but as soon as I quit them, I was back where I started plus a little more.  In my adult years, I started jogging.  I lost weight then and actually did get pretty fit so I ran more. I even ran some 5k races.  I ran so much that I tore my meniscus and had to have it repaired and while down recuperating, I studied and became a personal trainer and also purchased Beachbody’s P90X to start when I could begin exercising again.  I did P90X and then did some other programs and ran again. And again I hurt my knee; this time my right knee and I could tell it was much worse this time. It was and three years ago I had total knee replacment surgery in my right knee.  Now, there is no more running, jumping or any high impact exercises but I have learned to modify any exercise that I need to and have also been certified to teach boxing fitness and yoga.  The unfortunate thing is that during each of these recuperations I layed around and gained weight but I keep working and as of this past April, I was in the best shape I’d been in for years when I was rearended in a car accident and suffered a moderate whiplash and had to quit exercising again. So, as of this weekend, the first weekend of September 2016, I have been released to exercise again and am determined to get back into that shape!  So, not only do I have the professional training to help you but I’ve also been in your shoes and can help you get to where you want to be!

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